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Blog Archive for pbrittan during July 2003

I have a big black phone with lots of buttons on my desk. I have a very small silver phone that I carry around with me all the times. I use each of these phones on a daily basis. Although they perform the same basic function (allow me to call other people and to receive calls), and they cost roughly the same, they are quite different in a number of ways. Some of those differences make sense...
Microsoft has the upper hand on the usability front This Blog entry is the first in a series in which I plan to analyze the challenges that Microsoft .NET poses for Java and explore ideas for overcoming those challenges. Many people love to rail against Microsoft products, saying how bad they are. And there is a sense in which this is justified: many Microsoft products are not as robust and...
Before I get much further in my Blog, I just want to make one thing perfectly clear: I love servers. Or more accurately, I love having my applications and data on servers, and then I like to just forget about those servers. I want them to be someone else
I hear that Macromedia Flash is going to alleviate the burden of having programmers. I
Thanks for visiting my Blog. And thanks to for hosting it! In this space I plan to comment on a range of topics including rich thin clients, Java, Microsoft, browsers, standards, business strategy, software development, product usability, and the effects of the Internet and collaborative systems.