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Blog Archive for n_varun during July 2009

Folks, On July 1st, I started a new blog that will feature posts related to the experiments I carry out at various FOSS projects. Motto for this initiative: "You've got to experiment to figure out what works", as said by Andrew Weil. As part of this initiative, I started a new project as well. Wiki to XML Martin Junghans and Dirk Riehle, did research on the possibility of converting WikiCreole...
Welcome to the Javadoc Community, a resource for application developers that is enhanced by the community. You read and use the JavaDoc for your projects as in the past, but now you can also view the Javadoc in any one of a variety of languages. Additionally, you can add translations for some of the languages. Check out the cool new way of browsing javadocs.. Visit DocWeb!