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Blog Archive for mortazavi during February 2009

Elsewhere, I recently wrote about the Golden Rules for Contribution Based Communities. I think it may be a good idea to post it here, in the blogsphere of the Java community, for your review and comment. The Java community has built many contribution based communities. So, I'm very eager to hear about your comments and suggestions. ==== There are some basic, golden rules when it comes to...
I just posted my account of these "golden rules" on my blog. Have fun reading it. I would be interested in any review comments or suggestions.
MySQL Conference and Expo is coming up to Santa Clara this April. The program schedule is really easy to navigate and tells you about everything there's to partake of.  A quick review will show you that the  quality of the no-nonsense presentations will be amazing. (We should thank the MySQL community team for helping ensure a high level of quality and relevance.)