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Blog Archive for mortazavi during October 2008

If you're interested in submitting papers to the MySQL user conference, Kaj Arno reports of an extension to submission deadline.
Francois Orsini presents Rick Hillegas' paper on Table Functions in Java DB. As the introduction to the white paper states: Table functions are just what their name implies, viz., functions which return tabular data sets. These tabular data sets can then be queried just like ordinary tables, via the full, expressive power of SQL. For this reason, table functions are sometimes called virtual...
If you are a user, you can post a review for Java DB (Sun's distribution of Apache Derby).
[I've posted this elsewhere, but now I see I should post it here, too.] Yes, I have to admit that, in my opinion, JGroups is probably the best early example of the "micro-kernel" concept in Java, aesthetically speaking. The Group Communications stack can simply be specified by literally stacking micro-protocols into a group communications stack