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Blog Archive for mortazavi during November 2007

John Embretsen of Sun's Java DB team has just posted a thorough wiki page on using Derby on Java ME platforms. He also shows how to test Derby with IBM's J9 and Sun's phoneME implementations. The tips and tricks section has some good pointers. Embretsen's wiki is a good place to start. Another good place is Mayuresh Nirhali's weblog on "JavaDB on JavaME."
While I was away for meetings at Sun Microsystems's India Engineering Center, Eileen Alan of SDN channel posted a recent conversation I had with Kuldip Oberoi about Java DB and Apache Derby. I think Kuldip and I touched on a number of important topics about the technology, the business and Sun's general strategy behind Sun's Java DB work, and it is certainly very exciting to see the uptake by the...