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Blog Archive for mortazavi during August 2007

Do you need a database for your smart phone or CDC application? Listen to Rick Hillegas, Sun Senior Staff Engineer and Apache Derby developer, provide crisp and clear insights into uses of JavaDB. He also discusses release frequency, memory requirements, Java DB footprint and some very interesting Java DB survey results from JavaOne, including this one: Some 40% of users deploy Java DB in...
Check out what Tom Daly has to say about the price-performance profile of Glassfish + PostgreSQL.
Randal Schwartz and Leo Laporte talk to Josh Berkus on FLOSS, about PostgreSQL, Perl, Python, PHP, Java, etc., and various PostgreSQL related projects.
Learn more about PostgreSQL on Solaris from Zdenek Kotala.
You can now get Solaris on IBM x86.
Check out this result to understand how you can save tons of money using PostgreSQL on Solaris on ULtraSparc T1 CoolThreads Server! Very similar performance at a fraction of the cost! (Licensing fees ==> Oracle on HP: $80,000. PostgreSQL on SunFire: $0.)
Project jMaki mixes and matches just about everything in Web 2.0 sight. My highlight of this year's O'Reilly's OSCon was when Arun Gupta (and here) gave me a 15 minute tutorial on jMaki at one of the Sun booths. It was great to have such a wonderful, succinct and intelligent tutorial from Arun, with whom I worked at Java Software many years ago. Thanks Arun (and keep running :-) ! To learn...