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Blog Archive for mortazavi during December 2006

Only a few days after the availability of Apache / Derby 10.2.2 (which has just been voted as an official release of Derby by the Apache community), Java DB 10.2.2 has become ready for download. Java DB 10.2.2 is Sun Microsystems' distribution of Derby 10.2.2. In Derby and Java DB 10.2.2, JDBC 4 driver classes have been built using JDK 6.
As if the news of the JDK 6 release was not enough, we now have Apache Derby 10.2.2 readying for a GA release. This release of Apache Derby includes JDBC 4 driver classes built with JDK 6. Sun's senior staff engineer Rick Hillegas has just posted the build and the release notes for it.
JavaPolis 2006 proves that Antwerp is not just about the diamond, the ruby, other jewels or gems. It is also about Java and the Java Community. As a starter at JavaPolis, if you are at JavaPolis and are interested in databases, you may want to check out Francois Orsini's Hands-on JavaDB (Apache Derby) Lab. Note the very recent release of JDK 6, which is also the first JDK to ship Java DB as...