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Blog Archive for marinasum during March 2007

Stacy Thurston, community advocate for Sun Learning Services, has published four postings on reading the Chinese, Japanese, and Thai languages online. I'm amazed at how well he explains the basic concepts.In a separate posting, Stacy describes how to create a simple NetBeans project to make a language choice for your application. Hosted with the posting is a sample project with the related...
Newly published Open-Source Portal Initiative at Sun, Part 3: Portlet Container elaborates on the Enterprise-Class Portlet Container Open Source Project and an associated release, Portlet Container 1.0. Specifically, you learn about the project's goals and future plans; also the design and capabilities of Portlet Container 1.0. Further, the article steps you through the procedures for installing...
New on Sun Developer Network is a succinct overview of the portlet API standards, Introducing Java Portlet Specifications: JSR 168 and JSR 286, both Java Community Processes. The overview also describes the open-source projects Portlet Container 1.0 and the NetBeans Portlet Plug-in. Take a look, too, at the slick and useful portlets cited as examples: the Weather Portlet hosted with the article...
A new article on Sun Developer Network, Running Roller Weblogger on Sun Java System Web Server 7.0, describes, step by step, the procedures involved: setup, configuration, deployment. Kudos to Seema Alevoor for contributing this article as an update to the one that she published a year ago on older releases of Roller Weblogger and Sun Java System Web Server.
Take a look at the short tutorial by Umachitra Damodaran at Sun, Portlet Creation Made Easy, and her blog posting regarding her pleasant surprise of an experience with NetBeans IDE and Java Application Platform SDK Update 3 Preview.Portlet development is engendering a lot of support from the related software and standards. Just the tip of the iceberg? Surely sounds like it.
Sun Java System Web Server 7.0 Update 1 Technology Preview is now available. Of note is a new Java servlet container that supports the Java EE 5 standards, including Sun's Web Developer Pack.A blog by CVR Chintalapati, engineering manager for Sun Java System Web Server, has more details. Do check it out!
Check out a 90-minute hands-on lab that describes how to build and deploy simple Struts applications: Struts Basics, developed by Sang Shin, technology evangelist at Sun. The lab walks you through the process, accompanied by screen shots and sample code, on the NetBeans IDE.
A February blog by Kai Sommerfeld at Sun highlights the extensions and capabilities in 2.0.4 and 2.1 and, in particular, those that are in the works. Online updates, integration of desktop packages, multilingual support—an impressive list!
Just published on Sun Developer Network is an article, Incorporating Workflow Into Sun Portals With Sun Java Composite Application Platform Suite, which steps you through the related process with an example. All the human and software tasks then occur in one place: simple, seamless, consistent, and intuitive.