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Blog Archive for manning_pubs during August 2013

Save 45% on The Programmer's Guide to Apache Thrift with Promo code mlthriftjn2 at The Programmer's Guide to Apache Thrift by Randy Abernethy has been updated! What's new?
Chapter 5, "Testing" is new to SBT in Action + 45% off Save 45% on SBT in Action by Joshua Suereth and Matthew Farwell with promo code mlsuereth2jn at Testing is a big part of any build, and fortunately, sbt offers both testing tools and test reports to guide your way. Chapter 5 covers all the basics. Please be sure to stop by the Author Online forum to let us know what you think...
"Using State in Actors" is new to Akka in Action + 45% off Akka in Action is written by Raymond Roestenburg, Rob Bakker, and Rob Williams Save 45% on Akka in Actionwith promo code mlakkajn at In chapter 7, you learned about two possible ways to keep state in an Actor by using class attributes and the become/unbecome functionality. Chapter 10 talks about two more solutions that you...
Save 45% on The Mikado Method with Promotional code mlellnestamjn at Offer expires Aug 26, 2013. What
Kanban in Action MEAP Update + 44% off Save 44% on Kanban in Action with Promotional code mlkanbanjn at What
Grails in Action, Second Edition MEAP Update + 44% off Save 44% on Grails in Action, Second Edition with Promotional code mlgsmith2jn at What
Save 44% on CoffeeScript in Action, by Patrick Lee with Promotional code mlleejn at What