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Blog Archive for ludo during March 2009

Bonjour, Comment Java? EclipseCon 2009 GlassFish Java EE 5, Eclipse Slides are now online: GlassFish Tools Bundle for Eclipse View more presentations from ludoch. and: GlassFish v3, Java EE 6, OSGi, Equinox, Felix and Eclipse View more presentations from ludoch. Ludo
Bonjour Comment Java? In a few hours, I'll be attending the EclipseCon Conference as a speaker. I've 2 talks, one around the GlassFish v2.1, v3 Prelude and GlassFish v3 Eclipse Bundle tooling (both for Java EE 5 and the coming Java EE 6) support, and the other one more targeted to GlassFish v3, its OSGi kernel (either Felix or Equinox) and some cool demos using Java EE features like EJBs inside a...