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Blog Archive for lancea during September 2007

The following is the current list of available JDBC 4.0 drivers: Java DB/Apache Derby MYSQL Connector/J 5.1 Oracle 11g inet software for Microsoft SQL Server(Merlia driver) and for Oracle (Oranxo driver). Atinav aveConnect 4.0 for Microsoft SQL Server DataDirect 3.7 has also introduced some JDBC 4.0 features
Java DB, Sun's supported distribution of Apache Derby, has been upgraded from Java DB which was bundled with Glassfish V1, to Java DB 10.2.2. The new release of Java DB includes many new features and improvements including: JDBC 4.0 Support Improved on-line backup support Support for Scrollable and Updatable ResultSets Grant and Revoke Support a $JAVADB_HOME/bin directory with easier to...