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Blog Archive for kohsuke during February 2008

In his recent blog, he announced a plugin that changes the facial expression of Hudson the butler depending on how your builds are going. As you can see in his screenshot below, if tests fail, Mr.Hudson gets disappointed, and if a build fails, he becomes visibly frustrated. Its practicality aside, I thought this is pretty funny.
GlassFish is launching the "GlassFish Award Program", and Hudson is a part of this program. What that means is that you can do some of the followings and you could win cold hard cash! And I'm talking about a lot of money here, in the order of thousands. Report bugs to Hudson. If I understand the rules correctly, the top-three great bug reports in Hudson will each get roughly $2500, at the end... maven repositories have been offline throughout yesterday, but they are back now. Sorry for the trouble it caused. There was a bug in Maven that made this outage worse, too. Once in a while, maven checks the updates to plugins by talking to the remote repository. And when it fails to connect (like in this case, because the server was out), it clobbers the maven-metadata.xml entirely,...