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Blog Archive for km during August 2007

Ryan de Laplante asked me to blog about this intricate issue of passwords for GlassFish administration. I had already written several articles about it and here is an attempt to collate several such articles: General Introduction to Administrative Credentials of GlassFish. Advanced Feature called "Password Aliasing" in GlassFish. Let me know if these are useful.
In GlassFish V1 and V2, a JMX Connector Server is always available out of the box. This is how it looks like: <jmx-connector accept-all="false" address="" auth-realm-name="admin-realm" enabled="true" name="system" port="8686" protocol="rmi_jrmp" security-enabled="false"> <ssl cert-nickname="s1as" client-auth-enabled="false" ssl2-enabled="false" ssl3-enabled="true" tls-...