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Blog Archive for joshy during May 2008

While we wait for the full JavaFX SDK to be released later this summer I'd like to show you some cool desktop Java things that you can do right now. This is the first in a series I'm going to call Java Doodles, highlighting the new features in JavaSE 6 update 10, now in beta. Join me over the coming weeks when we will explore more cool things you can do with desktop Java. A photo applet...
So another JavaOne has come to an end. This time I think I finally tried to simply do too much. I'm lucky I didn't get the Moscone flu. Still, all in all, I think we had a good showing. I'm disappointed that the JavaFX SDK had to wait until July, but I'm glad we made the decision to put quality above meeting a conference deadline. Plus, there's a whole lot more to JavaFX than what's in the...
My first two video blogs with Rachel Hill are up. The first is a sneak peek of what's coming during my demo prep. The second is some excerpts from this mornings keynote, including the t-shirt hurling and Neil Young's Blu-Ray disk. Stay tuned for more JavaOne excitement.
We launched today. I'm very excited about this site since I was personally involved in putting it together. We have videos of the JavaFX demos from each keynote as well as explanations of what JavaFX is, where you can get more info, and a signup page to get the SDK when it's ready. Okay, back into the fray. I'll see you tomorrow
Well, the initial showing didn't go so well. The main parts worked but it crashed twice on stage when my boss demoed it. When we showed it again this afternoon and added Jabber support live, everything worked beautifully. I guess the demo gods were happy the second time around.