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Blog Archive for johnm during May 2004

Bytonic Software has released their open-source (GPL'd) Java port of the Quake2 game engine, Jake2 v0.9.1.
Sam Pullara has done some work to help people run some of the Java v1.5 features on Mac OS X. Note that his work is based upon the bundles made available as part of JSR-14 and is therefore a bit out of date relative to the official releases for other platforms (even more so when the next official beta is release in the next couple of weeks). I don't know about you but I'm finding Apple's...
For the most part, SubEthaEdit is just a tidy little editor that runs only on Mac OS X. However, it's claim to fame is the fact that it supports concurrent editing of documents by multiple people. SubEthaEdit is a fascinating tool for collaborative editing things like conference notes or, heaven forbid, source code (i.e., pair programming where you don't have to strain your neck peering over...
The public review period for JSR 170: Content Repository for Java technology API is open now until July 19, 2004.
Vote for you favorite entries in Sun's JavaMasters programming contest. Voting closes at the end of this month.