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Blog Archive for haroldcarr during September 2007

I spoke on the Metro web services stack (aka Tango) today (Wednesday 9/26) in Columbus, Ohio at the Mid-West Java Tech Days. Tomorrow I do the same in Indianapolis. It's free. Come on down. Lots of other stuff to hear about too. p.s.: Arun will be speaking at the ones in October. Technorati: wsit glassfish projectmetro
FCS Project Tango (aka WSIT - Web Services Interoperability Technology) is now FCS (First Customer Shipment)! Tango provides the .NET 3.0 interoperability features (i.e., security, reliability, transactions) built into the Metro Web Services stack. Besides including Tango, Metro includes the core JAX-WS platform and JAXB. Metro FCS is built into GlassFish V2 FCS (b58g) which FCSed...