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Blog Archive for haroldcarr during April 2007

WSIT Milestone 4 is now available on the Project Tango website. It keeps getting better with each release. We'd particularly like to hear from people trying WSIT's Atomic Transaction support. Note that WSIT Milestone 4 is built into GlassFish V2 Beta 2, so you do not have to download WSIT separately to use it in GlassFish.
My interests are middleware, language design and the semantic web. Some of that is reflected in my choices. I also tried to bias my choice of sessions to those from people outside of Sun to expand my horizons. Go look at the Project Tango page for a list of Web Service presentations from Sun engineers, since, unless I am participating or attending, they are not listed below. See you at...
I'll be available (along with Arun and Marek) in an Ask The Experts session for questions relating to web services in general and Project Tango's (aka WSIT) advanced web service interoperability with Microsoft's .NET 3.0. Fire away with your questions on reliable messaging, security and transactions and anything else you'd like to know about.