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Blog Archive for gonzo during April 2004

Google + FreeTTS + JNLP = 15s of Fame If you are feeling "lucky," go for this one and accept the certificates ... you do, after all, trust me don't you: Google + FreeTTS + JNLP = 15s of fame Java == platform independence XML == application independence JXTA == network independence Secure End-to-End Computing in my ears: Lamb/What Sound (deluxe)/Small
The entire JXTA stack build process just got a whole lot easier as descibed in the Building JXTA Wiki. Amazingly simple to be completely honest. Further, this process can be readily leveraged by any JXTA application to great advantage, all of which is described in the afore mentioned Wiki using MyJXTA as an example. So, if you have been considering "scratching a JXTA itch" here's quick pain...