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Blog Archive for emcmanus during March 2006

The JSRs that define the JMX API are being updated through the Java Community Process. JSR 3, which defines the original JMX API, is undergoing its third Maintenance Review. JSR 160, which defines the JMX Remote API, is undergoing its first Maintenance Review. So what's that all about? The situation is that these specs are being updated in Java SE 6, code-named "Mustang". Formal Java...
Luis-Miguel Alventosa from Sun's JMX Technology team will be presenting Monitoring and Management in Java SE 5.0 at Java Expo '06 in Madrid, on Tuesday the 21st of March. The event as a whole is from Tuesday to Thursday (the 23rd). Luis-Miguel is based here in Grenoble, France with the rest of the JMX team, but he's Spanish and will be presenting in Spanish.