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Blog Archive for edgars during June 2006

This tool is really cool: , as which you can draw really cool diagrams using only the WebBrowser. When you should create some diagrams to explain your architectures, user interface prototypes and til new dispostion of the stuffs in your bedroom :) UI Prototype Perfect Home Office Thanks Miojo by tell me about that! Cya
Sometimes I talk with my friends about the technology I'm woking on and evrebody says
Why only customers can use Web2.0 applications? And the Developers? Ok, We have access to Gmail, Flick,, a lot of really cool geeks apps, but we can turn our JavaDocs, much more impressive then we have nowdays.To do that use Docwrench Doclet ( The Following Image shows how look your future Docs:
Dave Johnson - eBusiness Applications' CTO, just posted his slides for the AJAX + Java Webinar and some screencasts showing how to use DWR with NetBeans over the weekend and I will be presenting that along with a few slides about AJAX + Java on a webcast over at Check out the link there for all the details. Congratulations Dave! Edgar