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Blog Archive for carlavmott during June 2007

The jMaki NetBeans plugin now has an update feature which automatically updates the version of jMaki that is included in your app. This means that the appropriate files are copied from the new release of jMaki into your application so you don't have to do it yourself. As part of the update, the entire resources directory structure that is part of your application is copied into a
We just released jMaki .9.3 which contains a few bug fixes including one for the Flickr wrapper to access Flickr, changes to the Dojo editor wrapper and the initial release of the extension mechanism which allows behavior/functionality that are shared among widgets. See Greg's write up on extensions for more information.
We are going through the jMaki widget wrappers making sure that they all are consistent in how they support the 'service' arg. The 'service' arg is used to provide data for the widget where the data is from an external source. This means that a URL is provided to the 'service' arg. In many samples, we specify a JSP which contains the data. This is purely for convenience as the URL can also...