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Blog Archive for arungupta during April 2007

One more venue to ask questions on GlassFish is Chat rooms. I configured using Gaim 2.0.0 beta6 and now there. The complete archive of the chat session is available here. You need to click on << and >> (top of the page) to scroll through the dates. Alternatively, you can search the entire archive by entering a keyword. Other that this, you can send a message to
Harpreet, Ludovic, Kedar, Shreedhar and myself will be presenting about GlassFish at the next Silicon Valley JUG meeting. Here are the coordinates: Location...: Google, Inc. Tunis Conference Room, (Bldg. 43) 1600 Amphitheatre Parkway, Mountain View, CA Read announcement for more details. Technorati: glassfish
WSIT Pipe (announced here) now is replaced by Web services planet. SWDP Pipe (announced here) is now replaced by SWDP planet. Each of these planets aggregates posts from the Sun bloggers in that technology. You can also subscribe to feeds from Web services forum and SWDP forum. Read more details here. Technorati: webservices swdp
It's been little more than 3 weeks since we released Sun Web Developer Pack (SWDP). SWDP is a new integrated toolkit from Sun Microsystems that consists of a collection of Web 2.0 technologies that enable next generation Web application development. Hope you are having fun using the different components (Ajax, Scripting and RESTful Web services) and building some cool applications with it. Leave...
Redirecting you to Joe Ottinger's (editor of The Server Side) blog. Technorati: jax-ws glassfish webservices