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Malcolm Davis

Malcolm G. Davis has been developing commercial software since 1992. He participates in the local software community as a regular speaker at JUG and IEEE computing. When he is not preaching the virtues of Java, he spends his time playing with his kids.


malcolmdavis's blog

toString() - any format recommendation?

Posted by malcolmdavis on June 10, 2004 at 5:30 PM PDT

Many times the toString() format is dependent on how the developer wants to see the state. I've seen formats to accommodate Swing, console, the debugger, and log files. To help format Value/Transfer objects consistently, I use a utility method that employs reflections.


Posted by malcolmdavis on June 6, 2004 at 9:36 PM PDT

A certain degree of copy and pasting occurs with every development project. The problem is many times overlooked, or missed during code inspection. Simian helps stop some of this monkey business by searching through text files (like Java and C#) and identifying duplications.

"Why the little fish eat the big fish". - Motivation

Posted by malcolmdavis on May 5, 2004 at 6:36 AM PDT

With the right incentive, the unattainable can be attained

Feature Oriented Programming and Design

Posted by malcolmdavis on May 4, 2004 at 9:32 AM PDT

I recently attended a talk by Dr. Don Batory, on Generative and Component-Based Software Engineering. The goal of generative is to increase the productivity, quality, and reduce time-to-market in software development. [ Who's not trying to do this? Isn't this why Java was invented?]


Posted by malcolmdavis on May 3, 2004 at 10:26 AM PDT

One developer, 2 modifications

A developer has made 2 modifications, one to a client class, and a second to component classes. The client and component classes are packaged separately, but deployed together. When the developer tries to run the application, a "NoSuchMethodError" exception is thrown.

RI the application

Posted by malcolmdavis on April 28, 2004 at 7:40 AM PDT

What is RI

Where's the marketing occurring? Subliminal messages in technical articles of course.

Posted by malcolmdavis on April 22, 2004 at 11:15 AM PDT

When reading “ASP.NET and Struts: Web Application Architectures”, I was expecting to see a comparison of the 2 web techniques, ASP.NET and Struts. Instead, a continuous theme of “why .NET is better than J2EE” underlies the article.

Specification insight

Posted by malcolmdavis on March 9, 2004 at 9:03 PM PST

There are many ways of getting started on a new piece of Java Technology. Developers do searches on Google, check their favorite online publication, go to Amazon for books, view tutorials on, etc… But, one source that is frequently overlooked is the specifications.

Adapt the Java style for your own

Posted by malcolmdavis on February 29, 2004 at 9:21 PM PST

Getting C/C++ developers to adapt new coding conventions can be frustrating to a team lead and other Java developers. Coming from a C/C++ and Microsoft background, my style was somewhat different from Sun's guidelines. I found that I was reformatting code all the time to my own convention.

Software IG for Corporate IT

Posted by malcolmdavis on July 6, 2003 at 2:35 PM PDT

I wager I can walk into any Fortune 500 Company, pull a module of code, and discover that there is no corresponding unit test. Furthermore, the module most likely will not follow the company’s coding standards.