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Max Bonbhel

Max Bonbhel hails from Congo, Africa but spends most of his time living in Quebec, Canada where he is working as Java consultant and trainer at Fujitsu Canada for various clients in Canada and sometimes abroad including France. He is an accomplished IT professional with over ten years of experience. As a senior consultant, he has worked in a variety of industries such as Insurance, Transportation and Education using different technologies and programming languages including Java and JEE, Microsoft, and Oracle as well as Open Source technologies.
Very involved in the Java Community, he has been leading the expansion of the Java User Groups movement in Africa with enthusiasm. He is the founder and president of JUG-AFRICA ( wich is an umbrella Java User Group (JUG) for the entire African continent that individual JUGs can affiliate with. He is also the founder of Congo JUG (, the first JUG in Congo. He is collaborating with global companies such as Oracle and Google in order to promote African developer communities and get support for their local events and initiatives.


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Did you say JUG ? Java User ... What ?

Posted by bonbhel on February 28, 2010 at 1:36 AM PST

Welcome in my page at

Posted by bonbhel on February 28, 2010 at 1:18 AM PST

Hi, Welcome in my page at, thanks for Sun, Oreilly and  community.