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Hans Hrasna

Hans Hrasna, a 16-year Sun veteran and a senior staff engineer for Java software, has been focusing on development projects on the J2EE platform and Sun Java System Application Server since the beginning of J2EE in 1999. He wrote the original J2EE application assembly and deployment specification and led the J2EE Management Specification (JSR 77) Expert Group. Hans led the development of the deployment, application verification, and upgrade tools for Sun Java System Application Server and Project GlassFish. He is currently the architect and technical lead for the Mobile Enterprise Platform (MEP).


hans_hrasna's blog

Provisioning Blackberry clients on the Sun GlassFish Mobility Platform

Posted by hans_hrasna on February 27, 2009 at 1:18 PM PST

The Sun Glassfish Mobility Platform 1.1 includes a Client Provisioning Portal which enables administrators to upload client applications to a repository in the Mobile Platform gateway where they are made available for downloading by client devices over the air. The client portal detects the device type and displays a page with a list of applications available for that device.

MEP - A Cool, New Mobile Platform for the Enterprise and your Phone

Posted by hans_hrasna on October 21, 2008 at 12:44 PM PDT

This summer we released the first version of an exciting new Mobile Platform, the Sun Java System Mobile Enterprise Platform (MEP).