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NG-SPICE Ported to Sun Grid Compute Utility
Mobile Desktop Grid (MDG) make mobile device to interact with cluster- and grid-based resources: The one-stop solution to obtain worldwide grid resource for computational use. With our solution, world wide physicist, biologist, chemist, laboratory assistant and computer scientist are able to complete their exhaustive computational jobs in a shorter period. The targeted users are from non-grid or non-cluster awareness group of people to enjoy cluster resources with our invented solution.
Making MAFFT available on
File Based Partitioning
Porting EMBOSS-4.0.0 to be used on Sun Grid
Java framework to solve classical field equations
Artificial Intelligence meets distributed computing. Create a set of connections among computers distributed all over the world simulating a human bran with each node (computer) being a neuron (neurona). It originally started in 2005 at the original Sun-grid group.