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A new set of plugins for the NetBeans IDE that allows an embedded engineer to compile and upload their code to a microcontroller by utilizing AVRdude + extra features described in this blog post: Anybody with netbeans platform experience is welcome to join the development effort!
The Robotics Incubator holds projects that are under development. Look here for projects that are new.
High Level Logic (HLL) is a framework for intelligent applications that is easy to understand and use, even by less experienced programmers.
Beginning tutorials and examples for Android on the G1 Dev Phone
Brian Jenkins' 2008-2009 Senior project
Develop simpler base class for TrackBot and SunSPOT
High-resolution Autonomous Data Acquisition board for SunSPOTs
Sun SPOT controlled Remote/Autonomous Navigation
Robot simulator support including sensor suites
Runtime libs, example and test code for Systronix TrackBot
This project is to create a comprehensive haptics API for the Java Language, this project started with the writing of a Java Binding to the SensAble OpenHaptics API by Ian John Archer (Software Engineer - Birmingham City University User-Lab). The first version of the JTouchToolkit was release OpenSource in Sept of 2007 after a year of in house development by User-Lab. The main aim of this project is to create a Haptics API that takes advantage of the benefits of a mature language such as Java.
Use Sun SPOT technology to present angular info sections of int
Use Sun SPOT technology to control simple RC cars
SunSPOT software controlling robots in swarm & flocking behavior
Multi-agent, heterogeneous, collaborative robot swarm
JVEX-robotics has created and implemented a messaging protocol controlling microcontrollers from Java hosts. The protocol consists of ASCII messages for device identification, control and feedback, relieving the host of responsibility for low level management tasks. Implementations have controlled VEX robots managed by the Systronix JCX Java Controller.
leJOS is replacement firmware for the Lego Mindstorms RCX brick - a JVM that fits within the 32kb on the RCX. Yes, you can program a Lego robot with Java!