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RI and TCK accompanying JSR 284. Go to to download the RI and the TCK.
The Trusted Computing API for Java
JAX-RS: Java API for RESTful Web Services
Former home of the Public Project for the Date and Time API (JSR-310). Now see
The API focus on QoS
This JSR specifies the OSS/J SQM API.
A standard API for service activation in telecommunications
The OSS Trouble Ticket API
OSS/J Billing Mediation API
OSS Inventory API 1.1
Content Repository for Java Technology v2.0
The OSS Fault Management API public project
This JSR specifies the set of APIs which are common across OSS/J
Design-time metadata for JavaServer Faces Components (JSR-276)
JSR-170 Expert Group
JSR251 Public
This JSR defines an interface to an Order Management component.
JSR 198: A Standard Extension API for Integrated Development Env
Public access to JavaServer Faces specification work (JSR-344)
Public access to the JSP specification work (JSR-245)