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JSR 236, Concurrency Utilities for Java EE (Oracle) – EG Formation/2.8 move April 2012
JSR 172, J2ME Web Services Specification (Oracle) – Maintenance Release, October 2011
JSR 107, JCACHE - Java Temporary Caching API (G Luck, Oracle) – EDR submitted, JCP 2.7
The Java EE Connector Architecture defines a standard architecture for Java EE application components to connect to Enterprise Information Systems. The purpose of this project is to develop the Connectors Specification. Currently the project is focussed on JSR 322: Java EE Connector Architecture 1.6, and hosts the mailing lists and issues database for that JSR.
Update IMP(-NG) to align with state-of-the-art features and current embedded device market requirements.
CLDC 8 is an evolutionary update to CLDC 1.1.1 to bring the VM, Java Language, and libraries up to date with Java SE 8.
Issue tracker for JCP Expert Group JSR-335, Lambda Expressions for the Java Language.
Interceptors specification work
The issue tracker for the Umbrella JSR for the next edition of the Java SE Platform.
SIP Servlet API is the standard java platform for implementing SIP based services in a server environment.
A major revision of the Java Community Process
Specification work for JSR 236 - Concurrency Utilities for Java EE
An API for accessing social information networks, both Public (Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, Xing, Yammer,...) and Corporate, e.g. within the Enterprise or Institution (University, Hospital,...) It also aims to assist Java Enterprise technologies and frameworks by adding social media features to web sites or services developed using Java or running on a JVM. Note, for the time being, the main project we're working on is Agorava, please visit
Java API for WebSocket JSR will define a standard API for creating web socket applications.
This JSR will merge the JCP's two Executive Committees.
Java Transaction API 1.2 specification work
Creation of an API for handling Currencies, monetary values, arithmetic, and foreign exchange
The Java API for JSON Processing JSR develops APIs to: * Produce and consume JSON text in a streaming fashion(similar to StAX API for XML) * Build a Java object model for JSON text using API classes(similar to DOM API for XML)