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Croatian Java User Association
Java software developers in Estonia "Headquartered" in Tallinn, JUG Estonia is in close relationship with the local developers' community which has served a great foundation for starting this JUG project. The meetups are regular, twice a month and we're looking to expand the activity to other cities in the country. KML data: The website: The mailing list:
Vilnius JUG is a community of passionate Java developers who love to share their experiences and discoveries with other professionals. The group is open to the public and aims to bring Java people together.
Sample code and projects in Java Magazine
The Cariri Java User Group is a group of the southern state of Ceará, aimed at Java users who want to exchange experiences and ask questions.
Java User Group Dedicated for Java enthusiasts belong to Coimbatore, India. This will be a Virtual JUG linking all the java techies from Coimbatore, Tamilnadu, India.
The Montreal Java User Group is a group where people meet regularly to exchange ideas and discuss technology news related to the Java platform. We meet every month. Meetings are free, open to everyone and usually consist in a 60mn to 90mn technical presentation, product demonstration or an open discussion.
Pakijug is created with the idea to arrange seminars, group meetings, conferences and symposiums in different locations/institutions in Pakistan to spread awareness and interest about java. Java Experts from local and international industry will be invited to address the group. It is also intended to participate and contribute to JSRs implementations and other java open source projects.
Algeria JUG is the first official JUG of Algeria , is a local community of Java users who get to share information, resources,solutions,innovation,opportunities, and share ideas about real-world problems. . The aim of Algeria JUG is to connect Java addicted , lovers, professionals and students under one roof and to make java developing more fun than it was .
This project aims at providing from Senegal, West Africa a meeting site where developers of Java and other technologies can exchange ideas, learn from each other and find opportunities.
The 'TM JUG' is a group of Java developers from Timisoara, which promotes the information sharing between Java users, as well as discussions and meetings on the latest Java technologies, frameworks and development trends.
Comunidad JUG de El Salvador