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This group was initiated to promote and make know the Java language in the region of Americana / SP - Brazil. Welcome! Esse é o projeto do JUG Java Americana dentro do portal Disponibilizaremos aqui, todo o conteúdo e todas as ferramentas para que possamos cada vez mais fazer com que a comunidade Java aumente na nossa região.
JavaBin is an independent, idealistic organisation established in 1996 by a group of Java enthusiasts. Our goal is to create a community for sharing knowledge, experience and viewpoints on Java technology. We work to strengthen the members professional Java skills by spreading the knowledge of relevant results, pragmatic techniques and useful tools. The group has since then evolved to be Scandinavia's biggest and most active group for the promotion of Java.
Mailing List for Java users in Thailand. Any discussion relating to Java in Thailand or using/developing Java on Thai environment.
Espirito Santo Java Users Group
Manaus Java User Group
Java Users Group in Novi Sad
Hong Kong Java User Group (HKJUG) is the JUG based in Hong Kong. Please visit our website
Java User Group Sardegna, Italy
The Club des Utilisateurs de Java collaborative project
NL-JUG Dutch Java User Group
Where new JUG Projects prepare for world's challenges
RedFoot J Dukes - Grupo de Usuários Java do Norte do Paraná
NYC Java User Group. Lectures, workshops and study groups (hands on coding). Focusing on all Java related technologies for over 10 years. Stop by a general meeting (first Thursdays) at the NYPC meeting room at the New Yorker Hotel. Free and no RSVP required. Networking over dinner after meeting.
Silicon Valley Java Users Group
JUG-Petropolis - "Among the most social Brazilian JUGs"
Java Open Source initiative in Brazil
The Java Users Group of the Federal District was established in Brasília (capital of Brazil) in February 1998 to promote technical learning and the popularizing of the Java platform.
Belem Java User Group
Rio Java Users Group, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Hellenic Java User Group (
Sydney Australia Java UG project
GUJ is a virtual java user group, focused on portuguese content. It has already 1850 user registered on our forums, and we are working on a new java web application that could be used by many JUGs to host articles, news and others, and also been feeded by the RSS.
A global community of Java User Groups whose aim is to advance Java, and promote the growth of our communities through education, development, and fraternity.
A Users Group in Baltimore, Maryland
The Ceará Java User Group
The Austin Java Users Group
Australian Java User Groups (The Danish JUG)