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Grupo de usuários Java de Barreiras-BA
A common place for java users leaving in or near Douala
A group for Java professionals and amateurs to discuss, learn, and teach technologies centered around the Java Virtual Machine
Java Tech Boise is Boise Idaho's development user group for Java Technology enthusiasts, innovators and builders of Mobile, Big Data and Web software based on the Java Virtual Machine and the languages that use it. Java technology has matured, but has also diversified. The Java Tech Boise user group is committed to the full diversity of the Java platform user community. We meet every other month in downtown Boise on the second Thursday of the month.
Java User Group for Shanghai and surrounding area. As a group we are eager to exchange experience, knowledge & theories with everybody who shares our passion and loves discussing on a warm summer night. Our long-term goal is to infect many more around us and use our bundled creativity, visions & efforts to create something truly great (maybe even by coding). For more information please proceed to our website!
A Java User Group serving the Fox Valley region of Wisconsin. We meet regularly to discuss technology topics like Java, Open-Source development, Enterprise integration. We also network with each other, primarily to get free beer.
The LI JUG is dedicated to building a community of Java developers (and anyone interested in learning!) local to Long Island. Monthly meetings with talks and discussions about Java tools and technologies will be organized.
JUG for Louvain-La-Neuve city in Belgium
Java User Group in Moscow, Russia
Java User Groups for all Java Developers in Jogjakarta, Solo, and Semarang region.
Ankara JUG is the number one Java community in Turkey
Baku JUG is the first Java community in Azerbaijan