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ESPRIT JUG est un groupe d’enseignants chercheurs, d’ingénieurs, de professionnels et d’étudiants qui a pour but de promouvoir les technologies liées au développement logiciel Java™. Le but affiché est d'unir les développeurs Java/JEE de la Tunisie.
Java User Group – Vadodara A group of all Java enthusiast in and around Vadodara. We strive to create a platform for all levels of expertise and bring out their skills in Java related technology to promote, collaborate, share and learn from each other. This is a volunteer,community-driven group strive to help and discuss about the emerging java technologies.
Java User Group on the Space Coast of Florida, US.
Fırat JUG is the Java community in Fırat University
Grupo de usuários Java de Barreiras-BA
A common place for java users leaving in or near Douala
A group for Java professionals and amateurs to discuss, learn, and teach technologies centered around the Java Virtual Machine
Java Tech Boise is Boise Idaho's development user group for Java Technology enthusiasts, innovators and builders of Mobile, Big Data and Web software based on the Java Virtual Machine and the languages that use it. Java technology has matured, but has also diversified. The Java Tech Boise user group is committed to the full diversity of the Java platform user community. We meet every other month in downtown Boise on the second Thursday of the month.