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This JUG is dedicated to all things Java and in particular using Java in Enterprise Applications
Started in 2009, the Lorraine JUG aims at gather users of Java technologies in Lorraine (eastern region of France). Hosted at ESIAL, a computer sciences engineering school, we want to create bridges between IT professionals and students by sharing experiences around Java.
Java User Group for Costa Rica
Wrocław Java User Group
The XML Events Verbatim Pull Push (XEVPP) Project is a JSR-173 compliant XML pull parser and push writer that can be used in Event mode to copy an XML file byte for byte unmodified. Current JSR-173 parsers are not capable of providing verbatim round-trip processing as they all base off of the XMLStreamReader. This implementation has XMLStreamReader based off XMLEventReader so that crazy additional formatting can be stored in the event objects.
JBoss User Group Argentina
Java User Group Hessen
Lithuanian Java User Group is the community intented to bring together Java developers, Java users, and Java-driven companies in Lithuania.
WS-Notification Implementation for Project Metro
Bring together Java programmers, Java users in Brazzaville Congo
A new Java User Group in Lyon, France, to share experience around the Java platform and technologies
Comunidad Java de Venezuela (Venezuela Java User Group) enfocada en promover Java y su tecnología relacionada en el país. Un grupo donde podamos compartir conocimiento, información y experiencias entre profesionales y estudiantes.
NormandyJUG is a French local JUG which goal is to federate java users from Normandy. We spotted here that not everybody has the opportunity to join ParisJUG or other French JUG. So if you can't go to the JUG, the JUG will come to you ! We plan to make monthly or bimestrial meetings focusing on Java technologies (Wicket, JavaFX, AspectJ, Grails ...)
Computer science students of the vienna university of technology.
A place for the Java community of the Birmingham area to meet, learn and contribute.
The Boulder JUG meetings are always free and open to the public. We cover topics related to Java Software Development. This includes APIs, tools, frameworks, dynamic languages, agile practices, and more. BJUG meets the second Tuesday of each month (or the Tuesday before the DJUG meeting). Meetings begin at 6PM and includes two sessions. The first session is from 6:00 - 7:00 PM. We break from 7:00 - 7:30 PM for Pizza / Drinks and Networking. The second session runs from 7:30 - 9:00 PM. Meetings also include a few minutes for announcements; such as, job openings and other events. Meetings are held on the campus of the University of Colorado at: Wolf Law Building 2450 Kittredge Loop Road Boulder, CO 80309 Normally, we meet in room 207. That my change depending on availability. The Boulder Java User Group has been in existence since 1997. Jay Zimmerman has been the President of the Boulder JUG since late 1999. For 2009, Frederic Jean will be organizing speakers and hosting meetings.
Java user group for Bloomington Indiana and the surrounding area.
Tulsa Java Developers will mirror Enterprise Java Development in the fact that we will cover a multitude of technologies from: Swing, EJB, JavaServer Pages, JavaServer Faces, as well as, other alternative languages.
The rheinjug is the Java User Group for Germany's Rhineland, located in Duesseldorf. meetings take plave about once a month at the Heinrich-Heine-University, with more than 100 attendees. It is officially registered as a non-profit organization