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Core classes filling the gap from the JVM or further optimised than Jakarta or Spring libraries. Java 5+ helpers for array date number string xml json base64.
ThreadLogic builds upon the popular TDA (Thread Dump Analyzer) by adding logic for common patterns found in application servers. ThreadLogic is able to parse Sun, JRockit, and IBM thread dumps and provide advice based on predefined and externally defined patterns.
A personal dropbox for you nbm files
Java library for interval computations. Current status: requirements definition, architecture prototyping.
Tool for analysis and correlation of performance test data.
Project to extend Intel's PCM code and expose it's functionality in Java via JMX
Memory Pool View is a VisualVM plugin that visualizes data contained the the java.lang.MemoryPool MXBeans
Samurai Thread dump analysis ported to Java Mission Control for a dynamic on-line view
Quicktime Cubed is a project of MC Cubed, Inc. to bridge the gap between JMF and Quicktime on the mac, providing a badly needed bridge between QTKit and Java, and making that bridge available to Java Media Framework, so media authors don't need to roll their own.
java symbolic computing library and mathematical editor (beta)