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Support for editing InnoSetup files with Netbeans IDE. A netbeans project implementation for InnoSetup is planned as well.
A Java 1.5 Parser with AST generation and visitor support. The AST records the source code structure, javadoc and comments. It is also possible to change the AST nodes or create new ones to modify the source code. Original project hosted at hasnt been updated to maintain comments
Packages a Java application as a Mac app bundle.
Free project controlling tool for cost center and multi project controlling. CMMI best practice. Supports SCRUM & KANBAN boards per (sub)project. Prooved in big companies with up to 150 project members per client (multi client capable). Tracking of cash flow, burnup, teamspeed etc. from order up to payment of your service providers. Easy process and roles for suppliers and (sub)project managers. You've earned a smooth annual report too... Ready to launch JETTY server!
Project moved to and source moved to
NoORM is a Java open source project providing code generators and a runtime library to simplify and automate access to relational data residing in an Oracle database. NoORM follows a consequent database-centric approach. Any business logic represented in SQL queries is expected to be provided in PL/SQL stored procedures. NoORM can generate the required Java code for Java Beans, Java Enums and Java Services to exploit the power of Oracle to Java applications.