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Build around JDBC and XML, this tool allows you to maintain visual repesentations of a database's layout, edit table's data, generate code to bind objects to tables, and export and import data in XML format to easely move data from one database to another.
Cartographic projection library for Java.
Heap Analysis Tool
General Purpose Mathematical System Manipulation
jWebFTP - FTP client web application
Collection of tools/simulators or anything for automation
Whirlycache is a fast, flexible in-process object cache.
Class Viewer for Java
Antmod - modular Ant-based Build, Versioning and Release System
J2ME Polish is an advanced build solution with an integrated MIDP-compatible GUI.
Collections util-plugins for Eclipse
Desktop application for creating and testing ConvolveOp kernels.
Set CLASSPATH env var by parsing IntelliJ's .ipr file
Ant task to relocate code from one package tree to another
Runs JUnit tests in parallel
This editor can edit directly the property file written in the Unicode reference character, and saves the time and effort changed into Unicode by native2ascii. Moreover, in addition to the function of the usual editor, convenient functions, such as JBuilder and integration to Eclipse, are offered.
A dependency and configuration management framework.
JDeveloper Addins for AOP
JCE taglib is a set of Open Source JSP tags and expression language EL functions (J2EE 1.4/JSP 2.0), communicating with Sun's JCE (Java Cryptographic Extensions) library to provider high-level strong encryption for your JSP applications
A Java tool to reduce the size of jar files.
Java Pack200 External Task for Ant
Synaptics TouchPad library
OpenForecast is a package of general purpose, forecasting models written in Java that can be applied to any data series. One of the design goals was/is to make it easy for a developer to use in an application even if they do not understand, or care to understand, the differences between the different forecasting models available.
jFM - File manager web application
Javalee DB2Java generate code based on the database schema.
Double buffered lightweight Component GUI / Multithreaded NIO Server/ TCP Port Handler & Channel Abstraction with optimized serialization/data store and VLC middleware driver. And an RS232 Serial Driver. All of which runs verbatim as either a Java Application or an in Browser Java 2 Signed Applet.