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class that converts broken HTML code to well-formed XHTML
BrazilUtils API it´s a tool to validate brazilian metrics
General purpose utility classes, similar to Apache Commons; heavily uses Java Generics. Maps, Objects, Strings, Files, Web classes. A separate library for XML handling.
Maven plug-in for projects on
A tool to make class files smaller
Allows the abstraction of logging from a particular framework.
Code Generator Framework based on Jakarta Velocity and Metamodel
Demonstration project for JavaTools Community
A tutorial on how to use Eclipse IDE with projects
Object to Object Mapping Framework
CPMake is a cross platform build system written in Java. It allows you to write powerful build scripts in BeanShell, Jython or Groovy. It also has built in dependency checking for C/C++ and Java projects.
Simple, powerful test tool. Compares test output with a baseline
CPU Profiler for Java
JXCSS is a Java SAX-generating CSS2 parser adapter. JXCSS can be used to instrument or refactor existing CSS stylesheets and also to generate new ones. JXCSS can use any SAC-compliant CSS2 parser. As the parser processes a stylesheet, JXCSS generates SAX events that model the stylesheet's deep structure. JXCSS can be connected to any SAX content handler, such as an XSLT or STX transformation. JXCSS supports several CSS2 parsers: Batik 1.6-1, Steady State 0.9.5 and Flute 1.3
Application & System Performance Management and Monitoring
File and Folder Duplicates Finder
Modifier Modifier Plugin for IDEA
Messages Bundle: easy way to work with i18n messages
Jisql - an interactive command line SQL processor
A logging anti-framework.