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Maven repository for
A desktop application for analysing and summarising log files
Dalma Workflow Engine
Architecture Driven Assisted Modeling Taglet
Powerful, easy to use filter for JList elements
TrueZIP is a Java based virtual file system (VFS) which enables client applications to perform CRUD (Create, Read, Update, Delete) operations on archive files as if they were virtual directories, even with nested archive files in multithreaded environments.
WebLEAF, a web development servlet framework.
Web based database administration tool
Search Java classes within zip and jar files with JAR Goggle
ThinNB Thing
ThinNB Jar
ashkelon is an evolution of javadoc whereby java api documentation for multiple apis are stored in a single database repository. ashkelon's two principal components are: [a] the repository manager, used to add apis to the repository, and [b] the viewer, a powerful dynamic java dhtml application for browsing and querying the docs.
UniMod states for Unified Modeling. Long term project goal is to create unified methodology for application development process that will close the gap between Design and Development phases. UniMod defines it’s own methodology for describing application behavior and delivers set of tools that consists of Java Finite State Machine Framework and Eclipse Plug-in. Tools allow designing application logic with help of set of Class and Statechart Diagrams, generating finite state machine XML-description and then launch this XML-description using Runtime Framework that is part of Java Finite State Machine Framework.
CB2XML (CopyBook to XML) is a COBOL CopyBook to XML converter written in Java and based on the SableCC parser generator.