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Java source code cross reference generator
Graphical Jar builder
This project will provide support for the Tapestry Web Framework
Maven 2 XML Validation Plugin
MEGA Is a Web Framework developed by SysVision, based on our experience using Struts and JSF. Our intention was to create a framework simpler than JSF and stronger than Struts.
doclet implemented as a servlet
JXTAfugiJMS is the Java Messaging Service on JXTA.
Swing application that uses JFugue API for MIDI files.
Tool for converting resource bundles into Excel spreadsheets
Maven 2 repository
MoSKito is an open source system for monitoring performance and behaviour of Java web applications. DevStatus: Stable & Production-Ready. Current version: 2.4.1 (December, 2013). Homepage:
Test Application Signature Safety - analyze static references
RFID fun for conferences