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FindBugs Plugin for IntelliJ IDEA @SEE
Open Source Common Java Utilities
Java Source Code Processing Annotations
Skyway Builder Community Edition (CE) is an open source, Eclipse-based solution for developing and deploying JEE Rich Internet Applications (RIAs) and Web Services. Using a model-centric approach to development and deployment, Skyway Builder CE generates standard Java code that conforms to industry best practices on the Spring Framework and Spring MVC in a web-server-only runtime environment and/or in a full JEE container. The generated solutions are equally portable across open source and commercial infrastructure stacks. Skyway Builder leverages a variety of Eclipse projects, including EMF, GMF, WST and JDT, and as a SpringSource Certified Solution Partner, SpringSource has certified the integration of Spring and SpringSource software with Skyway Builder.
Transform fixed & variable length text files into beans and back
Injecting MockObjects at the needed places
EchoPoint component library for Echo web application framework.
Offline interface to issue tracker
This project develops a plugin to connect IntelliJ IDEA to java.
JEnum is a Java runtime jar for working with enumerated types, as described in Josh Bloch's Effective Java Item 21, and a one-way code generator to create the needed classes from xml. The API is patterned after the Java Collections API.
Aspect Oriented Database
This project performs powerful encryption of text based files. You can use codes up to 50 digits with or without characters.For added security you can also create unbreakable equations.