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Skandium is a Java based Algorithmic Skeleton library for high-level parallel programming of multi-core architectures. Skandium provides basic nestable parallelism patterns, which can be composed to program more complex applications. The supported parallelism patterns are: farm, pipe, for, while, if, map, fork, and divide and conquer.
lambdaj is a library that makes easier to address this issue by allowing to manipulate collections in a pseudo-functional and statically typed way. In our experience to iterate over collection, especially in nested loops, is often error prone and makes the code less readable. The purpose of this library is to alleviate these problems employing some functional programming techniques but without losing the static typing of java. We impose this last constraint to make refactoring easier and safer and allow the compiler to do its job.
Patterns And Utilities For The Java EE 5 Platform
SezPoz: lightweight, annotation-based service loader
New Entreprise Object Relational Mapping Framework
MDAOG generates Java source files for use in connecting to a JDBC database, using the Data Access Object design pattern. The code generated is intended for use in J2EE web applications that need to persist data in a database. <p> MDAOG analyzes the schema of your database and generates all the necessary classes to be able to read, write, edit, delete or count the records in your tables, allowing you to easily connect your web application to a JDBC database. <p> The target database for initial releases is PostgreSQL. <p> More information can be found on <a href="">MDAOG's Home Page</a> <p> MDAOG is Licensed under the Apache License v2.0
A tool suite to document and browse design patterns, and to scan java programs for design pattern instances. The tools are based on a formal description of software design using semantic web technology (OWL/RDF).