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Interceptors specification work
QiAnalyze is a framework for defining and building Quality Indicators as modules that can easily be distributed. This is achieved by implementing the framework in three separate projects. QiAnalyzeAPI, QiAnalyzeWS, and QiModules. QiAnalyzeAPI is the application program interface that allows the QiModules to communicate with the QiAnalyze SOAP web service. It contains two interfaces that modules must implement and JAXB objects that ease the development of web service requests and responses.
An in-memory JNDI context. An EphemeralContext is a lightweight JNDI Context which exists only in memory. It can be preloaded with objects from an XML description, and can be modified afterward in the usual JNDI fashion. All changes to the initial content are forgotten when the Context is destroyed. Working code exists and is in production use. I intend to flesh it out with additional common object types.