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Meruvian Yama is a part of Meruvian Integrated Platform. An integrated platform to create Java WebApp based on Struts2, SpringMVC, JPA and many others popular framework quickly and easily.
'Marty' is a sub project to the open source projekt 'Imixs Workflow'. The project provides several business process management solutions. The goal of this project is to simplify the development of workflow management applications by providing a set of Java EE 6 components and a robust and flexible application framework. The Project also provides a set of applications which can be used out of the box. All the results of this project are subject to the GPL licensing model.
Statistics and analytics Java EE 6 software for blogs (tested with roller) and webapps. It is a vanilla Java EE 6 (REST/JAX-RS, CDI, EJB, JPA) app, tested on Glassfish v3.1, built with Maven 3 / hudson and developed with NetBeans 7. X-ray is the sample app of the "Real World Night Hacks" book.
Sistema de gestão empresarial, para Pequenas e Médias empresas. Principais módulos : Compras / Vendas / Contas / RH / Controles de estoque Simples, prático e fácil . Utilizando ferramentas open-source, de maneira que o cliente não tenha que efetuar um alto investimento.
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