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An easy to use, powerful, drop-in plugin system for Java EE
SEAGE - Search Agents for Optimization - is an open-source project which provides various meta-heuristic algorithms with their implementations on various optimization problems. Each meta-heuristic can be handled through an unified interface of an object called Adapter. Agents have been designed to solve optimization problems through a collaboration of different meta-heuristics.
Meruvian Integated Devices and Application Solution, our mobile, desktop and UX project
The purpose of this project is to publish and maintain existing Java CAPS sample projects and allow a forum for others to post new samples for Java CAPS.
The goal have changed, now it is supposed to be platform for programming contests in some other format than ACM, perhaps in duel mode etc.
LSS is a security vulnerabilities scanner. It automates work of consulting publicy available vulnerabilities sources and comparing them to software installed on your servers. The scanner source is configurable, one can add software not detected, ignore software or cves and so on. LSS will be released as an alpha release for Gentoo Linux Distro, Windows is also partially supported as a proof of concept.
A small easy to use library for creating applications that connect to HTTP servers.
Based on Java Management Extensions API JMX Calibration Services implements Diagnostic & Calibration functionality for Java EE Web Applications as part of Performance Management for individual Best Fit Deployments and essential Visibility into Java Web Transactions across your infrastructure. You identify performance problems and balance your Java Web Server remote at runtime via JMX supported Tools(->White Paper).
This is an example application for showcasing Oracle WebLogic Features. It includes JPA 2.0, Coherence, JSF 2.0, PrimeFaces, JAX-RS, JAX-WS and Spring.
This is a project to provide high level code, APIs and tools to help developers easily create Web Socket applications in Java. Check the Website for much more information (on the right) Status: Emerging !
Additional documentation and code examples that extend the Java EE platform, incorporate 3rd party APIs or technologies, or use alternate languages.