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Provides infrastructure for service testing and Oracle's SOA specificities, such as TaskList Service interaction, business events, AuditTrail access, and so on. Uses JAX-WS (for the WebService client implementation), Ant, JUnit, and Oracle Application Testing Suite (OATS). Check out the wiki.
Java API for WebSocket JSR will define a standard API for creating web socket applications.
EnCoMa is a Java Web Application which maintains the history of all your sensible configurations of your hosts. It can automatically download and keep versions of remote files, cisco configurations, output of remote commands, database queries and so on... It supports notifications, user profiles, downloads scheduled by crontab expressions, password obfuscation... It needs a webserver like tomcat, a database like mysql, oracle, postgresql and a dedicated filesystem to store configurations.
This project is for sharing examples of code and sample applications related to WebLogic Server
An injection based XMPP component framework for Jabberwocky
Help Desk Solution with Inventory Asset Management
An Inversion of Flow library using key/value pairs stored in an associative memory. Missing values are created by factories on demand. Dependencies are managed to prevent cycles and inconsistent data.
An easy to use, powerful, drop-in plugin system for Java EE
Moving Objects Database (MOD) Engine-Framework-UI
SEAGE - Search Agents for Optimization - is an open-source project which provides various meta-heuristic algorithms with their implementations on various optimization problems. Each meta-heuristic can be handled through an unified interface of an object called Adapter. Agents have been designed to solve optimization problems through a collaboration of different meta-heuristics.
Meruvian Integated Devices and Application Solution, our mobile, desktop and UX project
The purpose of this project is to publish and maintain existing Java CAPS sample projects and allow a forum for others to post new samples for Java CAPS.
The goal have changed, now it is supposed to be platform for programming contests in some other format than ACM, perhaps in duel mode etc.