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Java Desktop Related Items on

Java 3D VRML97 Loader
3D Models, texture and other art assets
Creates and displays real-time animated mosaics from images.
Java 3D Web Start Binaries
SwingLabs Community Contributions
Videogame focused light & speedy SVG renderer and animator
Development moved to:
A lightweight Swing-based Office Suite
lg3d incubator project
JGoodies Binding: Swing Data Binding Framework
JavaBeans Builder Tool
Real time mesh deformation using skeletons.
Demonstration programs for Java Advanced Imaging
Master project for Java Advanced Imaging projects
The vecmath package
Java 3D Example Programs
Core Utils for Java 3D
The Java 3D API Core
Master project for Java 3D components
Swing Utility Classes
Project Looking Glass demonstration 3D applications
Project Looking Glass core components
Project Looking Glass - a desktop utilizing 3D aspects in the UI
THIS PROJECT HAS MOVED: Flying Saucer: an all-Java XHTML + CSS Renderer. The source code is hosted on GitHub, here: