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Atlas Finite Element Analysis
Abeille Forms Designer is a WYSIWYG swing UI designer that ships with an LGPL 2.1 source code license and a commercial friendly BSD license for deployment of the Abeille runtime component.
Bringing Color and Position to data - T Cards
Animating CardLayout that animates transitions between cards
Application framework and components (Swing and DAO).
ORM implementation using psuedo properties
Escher 0.2.2 with lg3d modifications
Welcome to the Timing Framework, a library for making Java animation and timing-based control easier. This project provides a framework and sample code for time-based animations in Swing and SWT. The 1.1 "classic" version of this library is fully documented in chapters 14-15 of the book Filthy Rich Clients. Newer releases of the library support a default timer; are multi-thread safe; go faster; use less memory; support Android, Swing, and SWT; and have an improved API.
A font development environment for OpenType font technology
Master Project for Image I/O related projects