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Java Communications Related Items on

Basic Bean Binding Framework
Framework for Applets
Repository for Legacy Source Code from AptFramework
Various AptFramework Demos
Graphics editor with Tablet support
Swing Framework
bluebill - open source birding
RSS Feed Reader using ROME, residing in the SystemTray
JNLP-based applet launcher
Core classes for creating nodes, graphs and animations.
This project aims to create a guitar training and tab writing software. It displays the note/chord and plays the sounds as well. The user can also create their own songs by using the graphical neck to select the notes, and they are translated into guitar tablature. You can create songs by creating song parts and add the note names to the parts. You them just add the parts to create a song.
Integrates the JDIC Browser into ULC
A stand-alone, web-based electronic medical record (EMR) system
The XAMJ project aims to build a pure Java web browser and RIA platform that can not only render HTML well, but can also render rich internet applications by leveraging the Java platform.
JRTP is a minimal RTP stack implementation
Integrates the JDIC in ULC
Artificial Intelligence distributed testing environment.
Extension of ULCTabbedPane, where you can use closeable tabs
Integrates the JGoodies animation framework into ULC
Choose a subset from table
ULC Iconizer
JSO :: JABBER Stream Objects
A JTree enabling setting and viewing of properties
Spice up your Java Swing applications with balloon tips
New JavaBeans Property Support
Integration of SwingX-WS's JXMapViewer into ULC