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Kickstarter for developing small Java programs
Example applications for the Mobicents platform
UIDL (User Interface Description Language) is a project which aims to create a scriptable, JavaScript based language for expressing complex user interfaces. The aim is to develop a universal client which will display UIDL pages with the same ease with which HTML pages are displayed.
multi-threaded (SSL/TLS enabled) client/server solutions
Scene Graph for JavaFX
jezve - java code brewed in small pots
A flexible grid based layout
Support for binding SwingX components on Genesis project.
Reusable libraries for Project Darkstar based games
Project Darkstar Client APIs
Image and tile editor
Project Darkstar Python Client
SCAN (Smart Content Aggregation and Navigation) is a personal Information Retrieval framework. It combines search, text analysis, tagging and metadata functions to provide new user experience of desktop navigation and document management. SCAN provides a single metadata repository for documents from different sources. Documents in the repository are indexed for search, monitored for updates, tagged manually or automatically for fast navigation.
jVoiceBridge is a software-only audio mixer written in the JavaTM Programming Language that handles Voice over IP (VoIP) audio communication and mixing for tasks such as conference calls, voice chat, speech detection, and audio for 3D virtual environments. jVoiceBridge supports a range of voice qualities from telephone to CD-quality. In addition, it supports stereo audio and the ability for each individual connected to the bridge to have their own private voice mix.
Search the web for any string and store the results.
Towards a "unified community" for Java imaging developers
Mathematical Expression Layout Manager
Ripple effects for Swing applications
TMap Designer is a desktop application to design thematic maps
A tool for creating podcasts
Swing Look And Feel Demo Application
Project providing extensions, fixes and improvements of the Image I/O project such as support the GDAL I/O library, support for readeing/writing JPEG2000 files with Kakadu, improved support for reading/writing tiff files ********IMPORTANT NOTICE*********** The project has been moved to github. The entire material will be moved over slowly over time. Please, refere to this link for update information:
Gadget container residing in the System Tray
An ultra thin virtual desktop
Common application foundation classes
Common GUI components AptFramework
Common Servlets for AptFramework