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Vexi is a RIA platform where user interfaces are "projected" over the Internet. Vexi applications look and behave like native applications and are created using an easy XML syntax similar to HTML and application behaviour is defined in JavaScript. The platform provides a flexible and extensible layout model, and there is an extensive widget set implemented using the core model. Vexi is a mature project that has been in development since 2001.
The jWorkSheet is a desktop time tracker application for your projects, data are presented in a spreadsheet like format. Application offers some completed work sheet reports, however you can create your own user reports by XSL transformations.
3D Avatar System
An implementation of the Dict protocol as specified by RFC 2229
Samples for Substance LAF
Swing Application Framework
Message Session Relay Protocol (RFCs 4975 & 4976) client stack
A NetBeans Swing LAF made to mimic Office 2007
SIP Communicator port to Google Android
NWS Ridge Radar
Java tool to create PERT (Project Evaluation and Review) models.
Java based test tools for the Project 25 wireline interfaces. View the "Website" link to the right for more detailed information regarding this project. Check out the "Downloads" area for pre-compiled versions of ISSI Test Tools (ITT). Use Subversion to obtain source code. This project is based on the NIST JAIN SIP stack. As of Feb 3, 2012, this project is considered complete.
Java Swing layout manager
JLAFChooser provides you possibility to choose any from available from classpath LookAndFeel's. In Swing applications you as usual set LookAndFeel in your code, so user usually can't choose LookAndFeel by himself. JLAFChooser will give you possibility to choose LookAndFeel in running application, and, for example, save it's name in application settings to apply at start.
DirSynch is a bidirectional directory synchronizing software. It helps you to discover the status of each file in both directories: if it's only in one of them, if it's newer in one than in the other, or if they are simply equal. After letting you to choose which files do you want to synchronize, it performs the right operations to make both directories equal (or not, if you want it different). The program can create a backup of the files before overwriting them.
Performance suite for testing Swing look-and-feels
A plugin for Substance LAF providing additional skins and more
A little engine of proof for some specific theories
Java Applet, that can displays images in a fast way
Important: This project has moved. Source code and project page can now be found on GitHub.
JAIN SLEE (JSLEE) v1.1 Technology Compatibility Kit
A library to check and install updates in desktop applications
A Java based Lan Chat System
MindRaider is Semantic Web outliner. It aims to connect the tradition of outline editors with emerging technologies. MindRaider mission is to help you in organization of your cognitive base and associated web/local/realworld resources in a way that enables quick navigation, concise representation and inferencing.
Java implementation of the EMI Specification
The universal decorator for the Swing components